Wooden Crates

Made-to-measure wooden crate production

Wooden Crates

Our aim is to offer you high-quality wooden crates that stand out from the crowd, having been made-to-measure. Whatever your market sector and your requirements, our team will carefully evaluate your needs.


The wood we use is dried and treated following the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures. This covers all packaging materials made from wood to prevent the spread of harmful organisms. We are certified by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food, meaning we are permitted to display a label on our crates to reflect our compliance.

Raw materials

We work as closely as we can with the raw material. In fact, the wood we get direct from the sawmill is rough and needs only to be trimmed, cut and shaped. We mostly work with radiata and maritime pine wood varieties. trimmed, cut and shaped. We mostly work with radiata and maritime pine wood varieties. Selecting our own raw materials means we can raise the quality of the crates we offer – and we can make them to your requirements.

Our ambition

Atelier Royal du Bois is working to become the sector benchmark by offering high-quality, premium, customised crates to French and international customers – all made in France in our workshop near Perpignan in the Pyrénées-Orientales (66).

Our crates are much more than simple wooden crates. They are created with the skill, knowledge and expertise of our artisan machinists.

Choose your options!

Lids and Sliding closures

Nail-fitted lids, sliding lids in wood, veneer sliding lids of 4 or 9mm thickness, Perspex sliding covers or even a lid covers – we can make it to fit your needs.


Supports aren’t absolutely necessary, but they offer correct support for your bottles in the crate. Neck supports, double guillotines, spacers, double supports and cradle supports – we can make any type of support you need.

Fixing and finishing

Staples, nails or screws can be used to fix your crates – the choice is yours.

Fire branding customisation

Fire branding wood consists of heating it to 450°C to brand your chosen sections of the crate. We will have your branding plaque made by our supplier, using a proof, known as a BAT (bon à tirer).

Transfer marking customisation

Transfer marking uses the same process as fire branding. The difference is that a sheet of coloured paper is slid between the plaque and the wood, so the marking acquires colour.

Screen printing customisation

Adding a brand by screen printing consists of printing with the use of inks in the colours chosen for your customisation. You can opt for several colours - 1 colour = 1 pass of the wood. wood. It is carried out using a screen-printing frame. Just as for transfer marking, the screen-printing frame can be personalised and can be provided by our supplier. While designing your screen print, think about the number of colours as it needs to be processed differently.

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Options for your crates

Custom marking

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