Manufacture of customised, made-to-measure cases .

Wooden Cases

Cases are made from wooden crates and it’s the customisation that makes all the difference in combination with the distinctiveness of your case design.


The wood we use is dried and treated following the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures. It applies to all wood-based packaging materials and prevents the circulation of harmful organisms. We are certified by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food, meaning we are permitted to display a label on our crates to reflect our compliance.

Raw materials

We work as closely as we can with the raw material. In fact, the wood we receive comes out of the sawmill raw and is just waiting to be edged, cut, shaped. We mostly work with radiata and maritime pine wood varieties. trimmed, cut and shaped. We mostly work with radiata and maritime pine wood varieties. Selecting our own raw materials means we can raise the quality of the crates we offer – and we can make them to your requirements.

Dimensions & thickness

Choosing your raw material lets us play around with the wood thickness and dimensions for your crates and cases. Wood is usually a standard thickness of between 9 and 10mm, but we can offer you higher quality products, making them to a thickness of 12mm.

Choose your options!

Bottle Cases

Similar to wooden crates, we can accommodate any number of bottles. We can provide cases for 1, 2, 3, 6 or even 12 bottles but we can also make more unusual cases for 4 or 5 bottles. Anything is possible!

Cases with cords

Take customisation to the limit with your cases with the addition of white, red or twine cords. The choice is yours! Can’t find a color to suit you? You can order a cord in any Pantone colour simply by providing the code.


Maritime and radiata pine wood are both light-coloured woods that develop a golden colour over time. You can have your cases stained or even painted. This option is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and dependent on your design.

Hybrid cases

We offer a mixture of products integrated with our cases. We can mix your bottles, glasses – or even your sommeliers! Wine bottles with a box of chocolates – we’re delighted to offer endless possibilities to fit your needs.


Round off your cases with the choice of so many finishes, from rounded edges, integrated veneer bases to sanded finishes and more besides.

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